Turners Fine Furniture

  • Location: Valdosta, GA
  • Size: 84,500 sf

About the project

The Turners Fine Furniture Project in Valdosta is an 84,500 square foot Total Renovation and Additions to the Existing Building Buildings while keeping our Clients open for Business. The Project is divided into multiple phases. The First Phase consists of the 16000 square foot Renovation of the Old Warehouse space into the new dazzling Showroom for the Budget Furniture Store complete with a New Entry Point that houses the Elevator to the multiple levels of the entire Turners Furniture Facility.

Also included in the First Phase, is the new 8000 square foot Entry Wedge nestled between the Old Budget Store and the Existing Fine Furniture Building. The New Wedge will serve as the new heart of the Turners Fine Furniture Store creating a smooth transition from multiple buildings. The interconnectivity of the back ramp system will create a centralized circulation of furniture to all Showrooms.

The Second Phase is the transformation of the 15,500 square foot Old Budget Store into additional Showroom space for the Turners Fine Furniture Store where Lay-Z-Boy will be featured. Completing the Project will be the Third and Final Phase which will revamp the Front Fa├žade and Showroom of the 33,000 square foot Existing Fine Furniture Building.

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