Steel Building Systems

According to the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA)

When it comes to sustainable construction, steel is an unparalleled choice. This natural material is incredibly strong, non-toxic to produce, and infinitely recyclable and reusable—making it an excellent investment in the future of your business and your community.

Recycled and Reusable Material: Our Varco Pruden buildings use recycled steel to manufacture steel frames, roofs, and wall systems, which help meet certification requirements and sustainability standards. Additionally, VP’s steel systems can be relocated and reused, providing expanded adaptability for different end uses that greatly extends the usable life of your facility.

Pre-engineered Buildings: Durable Product at a Competitive Price

Well-constructed PEMBs offer a highly durable, schedule-friendly solution at a competitive price. PEMBs are designed and fabricated in a manufacturing facility, which protects against weather or seasonal delays. In addition, PEMBs are manufactured with specialized structural shapes. This limits the amount of steel used and the weight of the building, which holds down costs.

When it comes to timing, PEMBs offer a tremendous advantage. The design software allows for the foundations to be engineered early in the process. As a result, the permitting application can begin sooner, and the foundations can be installed while the design is being finalized. The building system can be delivered as soon as the foundations are completed, effectively cutting months from the project schedule. In fact, buildings typically arrive in 8-16 weeks; simple buildings can even qualify for a turnaround of six weeks.

In addition, PEMBs require minimal field fabrication. They can also be manufactured with mostly bolted connections, which expedites the erection process. As a result, owners can get operations up and running much earlier than is possible with a conventional steel building.

On the downside, PEMBs are less conducive to bold architectural design than a conventional steel building. However, the versatility of wall systems and structural finishes provide for unique and personalized aesthetics.

One of the primary benefits of conventional steel is that it allows for complete customization. This is essential for buildings that require unique structures or that serve multiple or abnormal needs.

Conventional Metal Building

Conventional steel is also a good fit for structures that are more than two stories in height. In addition, conventional steel is more accepting of reinforcement, which makes it easier to change dead loads. This provides more flexibility for changing process equipment lines, rearranging production floor plans, adding rooftop HVAC equipment, modifying sprinkler, or plumbing lines, adding cranes to a structure, and so on.

Conversely, conventional steel is typically more expensive. The structures are made from rolled T-sections of steel that consist of more material than PEMB structural members. This adds weight to the structure, which requires more robust concrete foundations. These factors add more cost to the budget and more time to the schedule.

Conventional steel lead times run in the ballpark of 20-26 weeks, as material is usually sourced from multiple vendors and requires significant in-house fabrication prior to reaching the job site. Siding, roofing, trim, and accessories are usually purchased from a separate vendor, adding another layer of accountability and coordination.

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Steel Building Systems


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We have enjoyed a great relationship with Kevin Barker, Nayan Patel, and the entire SCBCC team for over 12 years now, and they truly understand servicing a client from the inception of an idea turning over the finished project.

Scott H. Peterman, MD

This Library project has been very challenging, the S.C. Barker team has been instrumental thought every phase to accommodate our needs. S.C. Barker’s staff is professional, organized, and very pleasant to work with and has excellent relationships with all the representatives of the library.

Miguel J. Vicente

South Georgia Library, Regional Director

Despite my knowing that SC Barker had clients all over town I always felt like I was their only customer. For this and many other reasons, I can give S.C. Barker Construction my unqualified endorsement and recommendation.

Tim Nolan

Spinoso Real Estate Group, General Manager

The successful completion of the construction of this facility was accomplished with a sophisticated network of quality subcontractors, organized project management, committed to quality control, and dedication to excellent results.

Kaci F.

Nobles Director of Facilities and Maintenance, Valdosta City Schools

We have chosen over the years, to do all our projects with SCBCC as a Design-Build relationship. We have found great value in this relationship through their process of preconstruction/design, to construct our facilities, and through the warranty period.

Fortson Turner


After their assistance in the budgeting of the project, I felt like it was in my best interest to fast-tracking the project to have SCBCC do the project with a Cost-Plus approach. I knew from my previous experience with SCBCC I could trust them in a Cost-Plus approach and that they would make decisions regarding budget as if it was their own money.

John Lahood

President Fellowship Home Senior Living

Kevin and his staff have been honest and fair in our dealings and have always been interested in the successful and satisfactory completion of the job. Without and reservation, I can highly recommend S.C. Barker Construction Company for your next job.

Wright Turner

It was indeed a pleasure to work with the S.C. Barker Construction Company and their project staff. Without hesitation, we would again welcome the opportunity to work with this company in the future.

Lee Wagner


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